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Free Download – Star Wars Art from Ralph Mc Quarrie

As a gift for my followers, I just got this beautiful art from Master Ralph Mc Quarrie. Once in a far away galaxy, I decided to be an industrial designer because of Star Wars.

Have a great 2016! I won´t say “May the force be with you!”


Images are high-resolution /  cut, crop and paste at your will.

1.Share with a social network first, to be able to download it

2. At Boo-box site, close the advertisement at X , to go to “Copy Download page”

Visit “Pay with social network” to start download

Nothing come easy in this life, not even the “Force”!


How to find an Industrial Designer

Most of the audience here, are industrial designers, we don´t need info about how to find one, right?

However, the article brings great design sites where you can find great design jobs or add your design profile.

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VADS – the online resource for visual arts and design

As design curator since 2009and always  looking the best design resources online, I have to say that VADS is one of the best arts-design resource ever!



Use design heuristics to improve idea generation

“I’ve been highlighting aspects of Design Thinking in several episodes and I continue with this episode that considers how idea generation can be improved using design heuristics.

I discussed the topic with Seda Yilmaz,  a professor in the Department of Industrial Design at Iowa State University. She earned her PhD in Design Science from the University of Michigan.

Seda and three colleagues from the fields of psychology, industrial design, and engineering wrote a chapter in the Design Thinking: New Product Development Essentials book titled Boosting Creativity in Idea Generation using Design Heuristics . The discussion is about how 77 design heuristics can improve the ideation activity of Design Thinking and product development…”

Read the interview at: THE EVERYDAY INNOVATOR