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Why Design Thinking is not Design


Reposting a great article, my very personal view and how I feel about DT as designer.

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15 TED Talks that Inspire Design Thinking

The design thinking process involves too many concepts. To ease your research, here is a collection of TED talks that covers various aspects including human centered designs, detailing, conceptual art, idea generation and more.

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‘Everyday Modern’ Explores Iannelli’s Industrial Product Designs

Chicago’s Alfonso Iannelli was a prolific artist whose work adorns local landmarks such as the Adler Planetarium. He also devoted creative energy toward designing ingenious household appliances such as coffee makers.

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Can Machines Design?

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Inspired on Turing’s proposal about the “computing machinery and intelligence”, we propose to consider the question, “Can machines design?”

In this sense, we concepted an abstract machine that design. Our machine uses two groups of intelligent agents: [1] the first group with skills to searching the Internet and build a database; and, [2] the second group of agents that make decisions and propose innovative artifacts.

To demonstrate our abstract machine, we made this IOS app. It uses DTML (Design Thinking Markup Language) that has information about the needs of people, technology possibilities and business strategies extracted from real market.

To make decisions, the second group of agents selects one customer profile and chooses one activity to suggest an app. With the activity selected, the agent searches for features used in the competitors apps to keep and to rise in the new app. After that, the agent chooses features that are not common in competitors apps to differentiate the new app. With the features defined, the group of agents selects strategies to user’s acquisition and retention. Finally, the group of agents proposes a list of monetization strategies that can be used in the new app.


From Designer André Neves

4 Design Skills Every Product Manager Should Have – MindTheProduct

The importance of design is a common refrain these days in the tech industry – but how can your skills create added value through great design?

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