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DBA Design Effectiveness Awards


All design disciplines: Branding, Digital, Exhibitions, Graphic, Interior, Packaging, Product, Service / Wayfinding, Internal

The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards are the industry standard for assessing and rewarding effective design. Winning one of these awards demonstrates design – your design – delivers competitive advantage.  

Jointly entered by both the agency and the business commissioning the design, a win in these awards proves the value of investment in your design. 

Here are 5 reasons you should make entering top of your agenda today.
1. Design delivers competitive advantage. A Design Effectiveness Award win is highly persuasive in demonstrating to clients the value you can add to their business.
2. Prove the strength of your collaborations. Reinforce your relationships by evidencing how impactful your clients’ design investments have been.
3. Independent acknowledgement. Rigorously judged by business leaders, a win proves your credentials for delivering commercially effective work.
4. Stand out from the crowd. In an increasingly competitive market, a win will give you a compelling and impactful point of differentiation from your competitors.  
5. Design is an investment, not a cost. Enable your clients to make the case for design within their own business; a win will equip you both with an authoritative argument why design is an investment, not a cost.

You’ve got 8 weeks until the final entry deadline on 1 July. Don’t delay, download an entry pack and start the conversations with your teams today.


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Clio Awards – Product Design


The CLIO Awards has been honouring creativity in its many forms for over 50 years, and, by popular demand, has opened the Product Design medium in 2016.

We are thrilled to announce the addition of the Product Design medium.

Entries in this medium focus on the craft and creation of new products. In its inaugural year, the categories include:

  • Electronics & Entertainment
  • Furniture & Lighting
  • Domestic Homeware & Home Accessories
  • Fashion & Lifestyle
  •        Vehicles


 CLIO entries details here

Entries are now open, with May 20thbeing the next deadline.


The winners will be celebrated at the CLIO Awards ceremony on September 28th at The Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Entries first appearing in public between January 1, 2014 – July 31, 2016 are eligible for entry into the Product Design medium.


In 2016, our distinguished jurors include:

  • Lawrence Abrahamson, Design Director, IDEO NYC
  • Dan Formosa, ‎Designer
  • Chris Hacker, Vice President Marketing and Design at Herman Miller
  • Scott Clear, Chief Design & Innovation Officer at RKS
  • Mark Prommel, Partner & Design Director at Pensa
  • Marco Susani, Principal/Partner at Koz Susani Design
  • Qin Li, Director of Industrial Design at Fuseproject
  • Alicia Graham, Principal at Big Tomorrow

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TOP 26 Women Designers


Always happy to share this kind of Design resource!

We need more women in Design and Engineering!

Do you know outstanding women in Design?

Let me know to add the site at the page below and to be featured here with an exclusive post!

Also visit my page here: “Women in Design” 


John Vassos: Industrial Design for Modern Life

Great to see that american industrial design is more than Raymond Loewy, Walter Dorwin Teague and Henry Dreyfuss.




Danielle Shapiro is the author of the first biography of industrial designer John Vassos.

“John Vassos was the first chair of IDSA.

The book examines the industrial designer who made history with the spectacular 1939 World’s Fair premiere of the first, mass-produced, television receiver. “This is his legacy,” writes Shapiro. “shaping the way we interact with our media technologies.” –

(From IDSA)

More about the book at JOHN VASSOS

Follow Danielle Shapiro at @johnvassosnews



Four movies about design and innovation

If you are a designer, innovator or entrepreneur you MUST watch this four movies:

The latest one is JOY, Oscar´s  nominated movie.

They are all about an innovative idea, design and manufacturing and all the barriers faced by the inventors, from bad lawyers, manufacturing issues to huge debts…

They are highly recommended, there is always something to learn and reflect.

Let me know if you have other suggestions to add here!


                                                       JOY TRAILER

Ingenious The Movie