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6 points any agency marketing plan should cover

If you’re starting from scratch it’s not always clear what should be in your agency’s marketing plan. If you consider these 6 linchpins you’ll be setting your agency up for the best possible chance of quality inbound new business.

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The Future of Industrial Design at Currnt

The knowledge network

I joined Currnt, a new knowledge network. Topics are related to all design areas, sustainability, business and innovation and many others.

As a member you can:

Increase your network with high level businesses and professionals

Share knowledge and learn more about your field

Participate in streams (Groups) with topics of your interest

Be invited to participate at paid panels together with other top experts of your field

THE FUTURE OF INDUSTRIAL PRODUCT DESIGN – New Stream at Currnt (text below)

“As we move into 2021, we are looking to explore how industrial product design and engineering will be changing. We aim to assess the evolving needs of additive manufacturing which include the use of 3D printing, VR, and other technologies impacting the space. This is a unique opportunity for passionate, expert professionals to join 20+ panelists to advance the thinking in this field.

This engagement is moderated by an expert Facilitator and is open asynchronously, around-the-clock for your convenience. Every two weeks, the facilitator will introduce a new subtopic – each theme exploring a new facet related to enhancing the product design process.”

Joining only by invitation at the “Industrial Design” Stream using my special link for a limited time.

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10 Free Excel Templates for Freelance Designers

Time Tracking Template

Visit: https://1stwebdesigner.com/free-excel-templates-freelance-designers/

From /brenda/

ALSO VISIT >>  374 Free Resources for Marketing  – All the free marketing resources and templates you need in one place!!


Amazon launches “Climate Pledge Friendly” program

Series of Climate Pledge Friendly logos used on product packaging to signify green-certified


As designers, pay attention to the “Compact by Design” label.

Industrial Design: Why Is It Still a Man’s World?

In this open letter, designer Ti Chang asks the important question: where are all the women in industrial design?

By Ti Chang – January 7

A few hours into my first day at work as an industrial designer, I was shocked to discover there was no women’s restroom. I was the first woman on a team with 12 men, designing bicycles. I laughed it off at first because it felt too absurd. That week, they converted an unused closet, which became my bathroom. Although this happened in 2004, this kind of injustice and inattention to women is still pervasive.

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Inclusive design pioneer August de los Reyes dies of COVID-19 complications

August de los Reyes, a prominent designer who helped develop the modern Xbox interface and became a fierce advocate for inclusivity in design, has died. He had only left the house three times since March of last year—for a doctor’s appointment, for a license renewal, and to vote, according to his husband. He died on December 21. He was 50 years old.

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The dark side of the Nordic Model

Extinction Rebellion demonstrators protest in front of Norway‘s embassy during the launch of a new wave of civil disobedience in Berlin, Germany, October 11, 2019 [Christian Mang/Reuters]
Extinction Rebellion demonstrators protest in front of Norway‘s embassy during the launch of a new wave of civil disobedience in Berlin, Germany, October 11, 2019 [Christian Mang/Reuters]

Scandinavians have it all. Universal public healthcare and education that is the envy of the world. Reasonable working hours with plenty of paid vacation. They have some of the highest levels of happiness on the planet, and top virtually every ranking of human development.   

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