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Semiotics for Design: How to teach it? (Deadline Extended)




Ocula (http://www.ocula.it) is pleased to announce the call for
papers: “Semiotics for Design: how to teach it?”

Submission of the essays: 20 SEPTEMBER 2016 < NEW DEADLINE
Notification of acceptance, rejection or revision request: 15 October 2016
Scheduled Publication: 30 November 2016

Accepted languages: Italian, English,French

*Semiotics for Design: how to teach it?*
Editors: Michela Deni (Université de Nîmes), Salvatore Zingale
(Politecnico di Milano)

Semiotics has been inserted in industrial design university programs since
twenty years and more. In Italy, courses in semiotics can now be followed
at Milan Polytechnic, IUAV in Venice, Bologna University, ISIA in Florence
and Urbino, and other universities and higher education institutions.
Techings in semiotics can also be found in European and American design
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How to pretend you’re a great designer

Practical tips and principles to trick people into thinking you’re an industry thought leader.

Sustainability in Modern Project Management – São Paulo

Excelent design event happening in São Paulo at FEA School – USP from 29 to 30 August.

More information at http://www.dsm-conference.org/

Product Development Symposium 2016 – Denmark

September 2016 – Denmark (click image for more information)



Adorno – New design platform

A new design platform from Denmark launched at the brazilian Design Weekend in São Paulo at the Made Event.(August 2016)

Designers from the Made Event will be featured first.

However, you can already sign in, join the design platform and send your design work.

More information at ADORNO SITE

Brazilian event Made done by brazilian design curator Waldick Jatobá

EcoDesign in Latin America – Ecodal 2016


Ecodesign Latin America Congress in Colombia with global experts from Italy, Germany and the US. (1-2 November 2016)

Visit for more information: http://www.ecodal.org/ecodal-2016/

Design Weekend São Paulo Brazil

If you are here in São Paulo this weekend, get the best of brazilian design at the Design Weekend happening in São Paulo at different facilities from August 10 – Sunday 14.

Visit for more information: http://www.designweekend.com.br/

Ethical Design for a better world – Use it for the greater good!

Design is a tool for education and awareness about ourselves and the world. Therefore, it breaks old paradigms and re-build new lifestyles.

Therefore a sustainable design and ethic design is the pilar of a new civilization in the years to come.

Next time in your project, just think: “How I´m breaking old paradigms or educating someone else with my design?”  ALWAYS DESIGN WITH LOVE AND COMPASSION.

Visit: https://ind.ie/ethical-design/

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