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El valor invisible del Diseño en tiempos de crisis


Este miércoles los espero para mi charla sobre #diseno y su valor en estos momentos de crisis.

Agradezco la invitación del amigo y colega Plácido Ramón Luna Colombano

>>Este es el link del You Tube, compartan este link y dejen sus dudas allá en el chat.

Para Peru 14:00 – Para Brasil 16:00

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UX UI Design tests online – Earn an extra income working from home

There are a lot of opportunities online to extra cash daily and at the end of the month you can have something between U$ 100 – U$ 300.

However if you are a designer and if you want to work online, better be something related to design, right?

There are several “online jobs” regarding user experience tests, site tests, web design, bugs and apps.

Besides if you are already a digital designer UX – UI or want to learn more it is an interesting experience as a design tester you are at backstage, testing and learning also.

This sites are generally easy to enroll, in order to have a initial test, you must study guidelines and wait the test. In other sites you have to download a software to record screen and audio to perform testing.

The pay rate is good between U$ 10 – 20 for test, however at the beginning tests are not happening often, that’s a negative point.

Visit the best sites below:






If you are in North America, I highly recommend “Rat Race Rebellion”.

New opportunities worldwide.

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Additional income with online remote work

Tenha uma renda extra em dólares sem sair de casa!


Applicants must be self-motivated and internet savvy with good level of English.

BTW, if you are a digital nomad, Appen is also a great alternative.

Change your life now!

1) You need Payoner to receive online, sign up for Payoneer.

2) Enroll at Appen and have more peace of mind during this hard times.


Are you a design-marketing-software-development top professional?

Visit Respondent, a high-level market research only for top professionals.

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CAD versus Sketching

This is the first article in an ongoing series by Dr. James Self in which he explores designers’ approaches and tools in support of a thoughtful, reflective design activity.

CAD vs. Sketching, Why Ask? ·

A continuing issue in industrial design education is when to allow students to move from sketch work to 3D CAD modelling during studio practice—or whether to let them use CAD at all! I’ve heard of first year undergraduate modules where students are ‘banned’ from the use of CAD in an attempt to encourage sketchbook work and more explorative conceptual design practice. In my view this approach is somewhat draconian and does little to deal with the underlying reasons that attract less experienced designers to the comparative certainty of 3D CAD.

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Calling all Design Researchers

“Calling all Design Researchers.

We are collecting stories on the journeys that design researchers make from undergraduate study through PhD study to early career design researcher.

We will publish these “personal design research journeys” in a book.

DM me if interested.”

Design Factory Global Network (Portuguese Link)

In this new era, Design also needs to “redesign” itself, from long and heavy University Courses to fast, innovative and practical design courses, delivered by a global network of “Design Factories” from top universities.

Visit: https://www.pdf.ipp.pt/parcerias/parceiros_academicos/design-factory-global-network-1

El papel del diseño en tiempos de crisis


Todo cambio, inclusive el Diseño y como diseñadores, nuestra responsabilidad es mayor pues somos los constructores de un nuevo mundo.

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