Calling for writers

Product Design Hub is looking for occasional contributors to write about industrial design stories and articles that inspire the readers:

– Stories that cover the complete design process from research, sketching, conceptualizing, 3D CAD, prototyping and final design (concept or real product). Especially the lessons learned are valuable to share with the community.

– Articles about specific topics within industrial design: sustainability, design methods & process, ergonomics, design research, design strategy, design management, design techniques, prototyping, manufacturing, etc..

– Reviews of design books, tools and software.

– Interviews with people in design. Perhaps you know some inspiring people or friends you want to interview and share it here?

– Stories about internship experience, study trip, design event, university project or company project

– Anything else you believe that it might be interesting to publish.

For reference of some of our blog posts that have been contributed, please check out:

What do you get from your contribution?

– Appreciation from the community, as your story will help or inspire many other designers.

– Exposure to the design industry, as your story will contain a short description (max 35 words) of your profile and a link back to your website or social web page.

If you are interested, please reply to Product Design telling a bit about yourself and the subject you want to write about.

Thank you!

Kind regards from Waikit Chung- Founder & Editor of Product Design Hub / Forums –


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