Bad habits of Designers

1) Looking at other products for inspiration

2) Not creating or studying the design brief

 3) Not checking if the concept fulfils the design brief 

4) Spending too much time on the computer

5) Not improving their sketch communication skills

6) Not improving their verbal communication skills

7) Not making a concept model because they were lazy or not wanting to get dirty

8) Coming to work late

9) Not understanding that a design is not theirs but the company’s 

10) Getting too emotionally involved in their designs.

11) Not being friends with Engineering 

12) Forgetting to compromise 

13) Not being friends with Marketing

14) Mistaking arrogance for confidence 

15) Forgetting Industrial Design requires multi-disciplinary skills

16) Being disorganized in mind and/or space

17) Poor Time management 

18) Not planning a 3D construction process before doing 3D modelling

19) Designing in a 3D program 

20) Forgetting to document their work

21) Forgetting that there are costs impacts to design decisions

22) Not including draft angles and part lines in 3D models or design files

23) Forgetting to save work or worst deleting it by accident

24) Not thinking through a design to the very end and it gets ripped to shreds

 25) Forgetting that a presentation board is also a design element 

26) Over satisfied with the first design

27) Sketching the same design over and over again

28) Making things that can be produced instead of creating “insanely” great products. 

29) Forgetting the goal of design is to improve not just make something different

30) Being apathetic to sustainable and green design

 31) Not understanding if the form inspiration is appropriate to the form being created 

32) Failing to understand the brand philosophy of the company 

33) Not building a good relationship between fellow designers by sharing knowledge and work 

34) Avoiding critics, which can help improve the current design and other product features 

Extracted from DesignSojourn        

35) Would you like to add  a new bad habit? Please, comment! 

Being a designer is not a sin, but bad design, yes!



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