Craft banned in the UK?

Craft in the UK

Crafts in the UK, London.


There is a move by the UK government to sideline Craft and
exclude it from the list of creative disciplines. Please help to prevent this by signing the following e-petition, which seeks to petition to dissuade the government from reclassifying Craft as a non-creative industry. Craft is a significant creative area.

Support Craft and makers and join in signing the e-petition:

Petition to stop the government reclassifying craft as

Responsible department: Department for Culture, Media and Sport

We request the Government reconsider the proposal that craft no
longer be considered part of the creative industries, as part of
the 30 April proposed changes set out in Classifying and
Measuring the Creative Industries consultation paper.

The craft industry and those who work in it, over 88,000 people
making a GBP 3 bn annual contribution to the UK economy, are
inherently and by their very nature creative. We want the UK
Government to stop ignoring The Crafts Council and the thousands
of mostly sole trading craftsmen and women who consider
themselves to be and indeed are creatives. The Government should
be proud & supportive of our vibrant creative craft industry &
celebrate the unique, rich diversity of skills & craftsmanship,
not seek to declassify, dismiss & undermine it.

Calling an IT Business Analyst a creative but refusing the title
to a skilled potter or ceramicist shows the level of
understanding that those proposing the change have of what is and
isn’t creative.

It’s important that craft isn’t sidelined further.  It doesn’t
take long to sign up.

It needs 100,000 signatories to be debated in Parliament
(currently 25,000+)

(I understand that this petition can only be signed by British
Citizens or UK residents — Editor’s note from original site.)


2 thoughts on “Craft banned in the UK?

  1. UnglueYou

    Thank you for visiting and liking my blog. I’m glad you did as I was unaware of this planned change to the reclassification of the crafts industry. I find it interesting that they need to classify creativity/ a creative sector at all considering it pervades all sectors in one way or another. Anyway, now i know about it I can share the link to the petition.


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