Free Book – Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses: Putting the Power of Design to Work is the first book on the subject for smaller businesses.

Until now, design thinking—a methodology for solving business problems and identifying opportunities—has been the playground for companies with big budgets, giving them the advantage of the innovation that comes from using the latest design thinking tools emerging from Stanford, Harvard, Northwestern, and elsewhere.

What you’ll learn:

How to incorporate design-thinking processes into everyday operations, and in what areas of business the approach is most valuable

How to use the most prevalent and popular design-thinking tools (like ideation, prototyping, and rapid branding) effectively.

How to use design thinking to identify and achieve your business goals and create new business models

How to create revenue-boosting new products and services using design thinking

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Design Thinking

Chapter 2. The Role of Research in Design Thinking

Chapter 3. Designing a Business Strategy

Chapter 4. Designing Live Customer Experiences

Chapter 5. Designing Digital Customer Experiences

Chapter 6. Designing Services and Service Delivery

Chapter 7. Designing Marketing

Chapter 8. Designing for Change

Chapter 9. Designing for Growth

Appendix A. Case Studies

Appendix B. Metrics for Design Thinking Appendix

C. Glossary of Design Thinking Jargon

Appendix D. Resources

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