What is Design worth? Survey from DMI

From Design Management Institute

Quantifying the ROI of Design

Many of us understand the value that design brings to brands, corporations and experiences.

DMI has undertaken to seek the best ways to prove this to the rest of the world, and explore how we can best quantify design’s return on investment.

Unlike the subjective measures of design’s impact on targeted goals that are tracked by design competitions, we are seeking hard quantitative outcomes such as increased sales, profits, market share growth, and market valuation that is driven by design investment.

A cross-industry design value survey is now well underway that is already proving unique insights on how to:

  • Correlate structural investments in R&D with Innovation
  • Define a shared design-value vocabulary (metrics & methods)
  • Provide a compendium of design-value methods and tools to serve as guideposts for members
  • Recommend processes and methodologies for developing and using design metrics. This include linkages to design budget planning, design and corporate strategy alignment/realization, brand equity and brand loyalty metrics, customer satisfaction metrics
  • Design Use

Join the survey and watch the video at DMI SURVEY

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