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Brazil from Pedro Andrade

Brazilian design around the world

There is wave of interest about Brazil and brazilian design around the world. Brazilian design is clever, innovative, sustainable with great  minds and creators. We have the creativity, people, the material and the culture to develop a high level of design in any given area. As a country we have this historical-cultural hability of digest culture-stuff from other places and expel a “brazilian version” of it, such as the bossa-nova, creating something totally new.

But guess what? There is no Design Profession!

Brazilian design profession is not recognized by the Government! Oficially Designers don´t exist ! How does it sound? Terrible! Sad! Frustrating!

That means that designers are not part of the development of the country, they can´t work suggesting innovations, improvements or the creation of products and services that could benefit brazilians. They can´t be hired by government agencies! If they need design, yes, they hire architects and engineers that are recognized.

However, the country demands innovation, wants innovation and so on….government keep talking about it, they want an international perception of an innovative country, moving forward and fast, but who lives here know it is not true!

We are at the 21 century and how can be possible that situation in a country like Brazil? Narrow minded and ignorant politics….

We have very important designers who have been working the last 50 years or more without this recognition as a profession. However, in the last years, others professions like cowboys for the agricultural needs of the country have been recognized.

How we can be an innovative-entrepreneur country if Design is not recognized? Impossible!

We know the power of design to generate innovation, as a strategic element in any country´s policy to industrial-society-economy development. We saw that with Italy, Japan, Germany. Imagine that countries without good design!

Support Brazilian Design

A new petition is up and running (the fourth of it) to press the government to recognize the profession, if you know brazilians designers, share this post. And to be honest, there is no warranty of recognition, this petition have to be voted yet by politicians.




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