Inclusive Design for a real sustainable society

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Sustainability today

There is a lot of talk and action about sustainability and the steps to build a future sustainable society. But even with all this frenesi about it, something is wrong!

When mentioning sustainable society people automatically refers to environment and green – eco products and services only.

Media has helped to wrongly create this perception that sustainability is all about environment and green stuff only.

But a sustainable society is still made of humans and not only trees!

Inclusive Design today

Inclusive Design have the same situation of sustainability, wrong perception by an ignorant media.

When mentioned Accessible or Inclusive Design people just think about Architecture, not knowing that Design as product / graphic / web are a great contributors to a sucessful inclusive and more sustainable society!

It is curious to realize that this two lines of thoughts are separated, sustainable society and inclusive design. They must be together since one depends of the another!

Without design we can´t build a sustainable society! Think about technology, product, services, environments and people without good design!

A sustainable society is all about humans, from all walks of life, and not only those who are young and healthy! A truly sustainable society is about inclusion of the elderly and disabled. That inclusion is possible through Inclusive Design that reshapes society into a more friendly environment, with innovative products and services designed for a wider range of users!

Design today (Some personal thoughts)

If you are a designer, remember always:

  1. Design is a powerful tool to change mindesets, behaviors, break paradigms towards a better society. Don´t go the dark side! Forget Engineering!
  2. Design is educating people about their choices and future, it ´s a tool for enlightment!
  3. Good Design provides well-being, quality of life, dignity and independence
  4. Design is no longer about consumption by the sake of consumption
  5. Design is no longer only physical products, it is about services, perceptions, experiences and new life-styles
  6. Design is always innovation in any shape (material, use, process..)
  7. Designer is not a conservative mind.

Read my articles below about Inclusive Design for a sustainable society:

  1.  English
  2. Português
  3. Spanish


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