Three Designers from New York. One plane. Zero Waste.

                                                         ARROW MEDIA

If you are a designer from New York, take a look:

Arrow Media (– a television production company based in London, UK started working on a new upcycling/recycling project for television where we will turn huge vehicles destined for the scrap-yard into an array of objects and products.

We recently did this in the UK using an airbus A320 and now we want to bring this challenge to the US.

Right now I’m looking for designers, makers, builders and doers in the New York area who are up for the challenge. 

 Contact Sarah Barker at Arrow Media for more information.

Channel 4 presents the ultimate ‘up-cycling’ challenge

20 MAR 2014 

Three Designers. One Plane. Zero Waste.  

In this 90-minute special, Kevin McCloud challenges three designers to turn an entire Airbus A320 into hundreds of amazing new products in a giant ‘Up-cycling’ experiment. Their task is to find a new use for every single piece of the plane, leaving only an empty hangar behind them.

 The office pods and desk lamps, rickshaws and rocking chairs, luggage, storage and even jewellery that they fashion from this fallen giant will prove – in a spectacular and sustainable way – that creativity is a genuine solution to Britain’s waste crisis.

 The experiment is a showcase for a quiet revolution in the way we treat rubbish, and Kevin’s call to action to a country becoming complacent about waste. For a new generation of designers, recycling means something far more dynamic than sorting our bottles from our potato peelings when putting out the bins. They’re turning base metal into gold as they fashion desirable (and highly saleable) products from junk and scrap.

 Upcycling a plane is no easy task. It’s not just the size of this challenge that makes it tough – to master it, the designers need endless ingenuity, patience with the most unpromising materials (composite flooring) and the entrepreneurial skills and sales patter needed to sell their sometimes outlandish creations.

 It’s a transformation on an unprecedented scale and Kevin’s largest recycling project to date. If they can pull it off, though, they’ll have shown that the sky’s (not) the limit.

 Kevin and the Mechanibals (w/t) is a 1×90’ Arrow Media film commissioned by Jill Fullerton-Smith and John Hay, at Channel 4. TX end of April.



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