Thomson Innovation Platform

ThemeScape from Thomson Reuters Innovation Platform.

Sharing the Thomson Innovation Platform from Thomson Reuters, the news company.They launched this platform a time ago, but it´s not widely know.

I just heard about it, two days ago in the First Thomson Innovation Conference in São Paulo, at the Pullman Hotel.

It´s divided in three sections:

Scientific journals (Research)

Patents (Research to real world)

Business news (Real world aplications)

Therefore, covering the three areas above, it goes from academics to
real world applications.

It´s the best patents database of the world and the dynamics are the following:

The platform is connected to all the patents offices of the
world, hundreds of patents from no-english speaking countries are
translated monthly into english, optimized in terms of titles, keywords, field, specific research, outputs and displayed at the platform.

It´s a massive effort of mining, translating that allow companies and individuals to be
updated about the latest patents, research and business news and these
three areas together allow innovation to happen in differente manners and levels.

It´s a pay service, however you can request a free trial.

They also translated all this big data into topografic maps called “Themescape” where you can visualize the use of patents, research, components as empty – full “territories” indicating the amount of research allocated to  specific areas.

                                 Visit the platform at :