One Design – A Human Design

From the colleague Daniel Egger as a Linkedin Post

“If you are a designer, work with design, or love design then I  would really like to listen to your story and opinion!

My books are about integration. Where the first focused on connecting the strategy, innovation and the future, I am now playing with the idea of exploring how the “Types of Designs” are connected around ONE design a human design.

The Design Landscapes are broad and many deviations exist each generating tremendous value. Yet, we are biased by view, technique or trend.

Do not we have to ask ourselves, how much do we really design for the #human and its #moments? And how much to we push our design perspective into the clients’ solution?

Taking these reflections forward,  the book is structured into three main parts: an introduction, a collaborative part with different perspectives, experiences about design, and its challenges, and a final part that explores practically new ideas, process and synergies of a #human design.

Clearly, I cannot write a book without integrating the future, and strategic relevancy. So I was thinking of exploring topics like co-design with AI and AI design, Transition Design (The School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University), Design Fiction and, well further suggestions.

Interested? If you are, a designer with a story to tell lets exchange ideas, talk and share ideas. If you believe in #human centric design and have ideas how to explore practical synergies, write me. And if you have any other ideas, references, articles, discussions or anything else you would like to share, please write me too.

So many classifications, Types and Disciplines of Design. Which would you choose for my endeavor?

 Design Landscape by Kofi Opoku. Each discipline is relatively sized based on 2011 salary information from Found @

Liz Sanders provides different insight – map of “design research”

Thank you and I am grateful for any input!”

Thank you for reading my post. Please spread the word and your point of view in the comments. Here are some other recent posts I have written:

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