Ethnography in the Expanded Field

Ethnography is variably understood as a set of tools, a way of seeing, a research disposition, an ethical orientation, a mode of writing as well as an effort of generating concepts. Historically associated with social scientific research, ethnography today is just as likely to be claimed as a practice in art and design as it is in anthropology. Ethnography in the expanded field–a source of consternation and loss of identity for some, a source of inspiration and possibility for others–is now a practical reality.

In an attempt to transcend disciplinary partiality, we locate ethnography in the expanded field not to threaten its sanctity, but as a provocation to consider and initiate new modes of social inquiry and action.

Ethnography in the Expanded Field is a project that collects and archives multimedia representations of ethnography from a wide range of perspectives. These contributions express various ways ethnography can be interpreted.

We kindly invite you to contribute to the project. Submissions may be drawings or sketches, a page from a field journal, a sound recording, short text, a video clip, a meme, or any other form that can be displayed in a single frame. Think of your contribution as a provocation rather than a fully-articulated position–adventurous and capable of activating debates and conversations.

Contributions will be collected and archived digitally on a web-based, public platform, sponsored by The Graduate Institute for Design, Ethnography and Social Thought (GIDEST), and Parsons School of Design Strategies. Selections from the archive will be showcased at a public event at GIDEST on May 5th, 2016 to be followed by food and drinks.

Formatting instructions: All text and image based contributions should be submitted as a high resolution jpeg file. Audio files may be submitted either as an mp3, .wav, or flac file, and video as mov files. Duration of time-based media should not exceed 5 minutes. Captions and taglines are not necessary.

Please contact us with any questions.

Please submit your contribution here:

We kindly ask that all submissions be sent by April 1, 2016.



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