100 Free Design Resources from @WGibbonsDesign


The designer and CG professioal Will Gibbons is one of the best design resources, with great info about design, career, profession. He makes available the following resources:

“Late 2015, early 2016, I participated in a daily challenge to compile one useful, design-related piece of online content. Here is an archive of every one of those links, free for you to enjoy. “

Daily Dig 001 – One of the richest, most complete catalogs of I.D. resources on the internet. Fellow designer Marcio Dupont: THIS Design Research Portal [WEBSITE] (Thanks, Will!)

Daily Dig 002 – This one’s for the Product Designers. Injection molding easily explained [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 003 – Learn about Innovation! One of my favorite designers and educators is the man behind Product Tank [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 004 – An article I’ve wanted to write for a while… Stop Calling Digital Designers Product Designers. This is one of my most engaged articles. [ARTICLE]

Daily Dig 005 – I use Pinterest as a mood, inspiration, design language and reference board. See how I use mine to help me serve my clients. [REFERENCE]

Daily Dig 006 –  Want to learn a quick and powerful modeling program? Learn The Foundry’s MODO fast and efficiently with Heavy Poly [TUTORIALS]

Daily Dig 007 – Build a meaningful business that you’re proud of with Fizzle.co! Try 5 weeks for free! [COMMUNITY]

Daily Dig 008 – My most successful article to date! Nail that industrial design interview with advice from designers from leading US design firms. [ARTICLE]

Daily Dig 009 – I’m always impressed with design work by design firm MNML. See how they designed the first commercial wine purifier. [DESIGN]

Daily Dig 010 – In this article, I break down what went well in 2015 and set the tone for 2016. [ARTICLE]

Daily Dig 011 – Use the Chrome plugin called Momentum, to turn a blank browser tab into a personal assistant! [PLUGIN]

Daily Dig 012 – The most successful people have a morning routine. The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod will certainly improve your life. [Book}

Daily Dig 013 – Ever want to start freelancing but not sure how? Learn from my own experiences. [Ebook]

Daily Dig 014 – Need help building an Industrial Design Portfolio? Here’s one of my favorite free resources. [Ebook]

Daily Dig 015 – Meet Phil Tippet, he’s the stop-motion animator behind Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Mad God. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 016 – Never learn alone again. Learn from the best in the best designers in the industry. [COURSE]

Daily Dig 017 – Learn how to use KeyShot’s advanced features on their YouTube channel. [VIDEOS]

Daily Dig 018 – Launching a successful Kickstarter campaign is a big deal. How about fifteen? These guys have. [WEBSITE]

Daily Dig 019 – Lots can happen in a year. See what I learned in 2015. Lots of growth (in a good way). [ARTICLE]

Daily Dig 020 – Designers, engineers and makers-this website is for you. Meet Solidsmack, coverage with a sense of humor. [WEBSITE]

Daily Dig 021 – See how design can transform the tired, old, predictable gym. [ARTICLE]

Daily Dig 022 – See how design thinking solves the problem of anxiety in children during CT Scanning. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 023 – Ever curious about the process of creating a concept design image? See here. [BREAKDOWN]

Daily Dig 024 – Check my friend Edon Guraziu’s website. Mad concept design skills. 3D modeling and rendering. [DESIGNER]

Daily Dig 025 – This is explicit and funny. Don’t click if you are offended by the F-word. [WEBSITE]

Daily Dig 026 – If you’re a freelancer and wish to make more money, learn from the best – Paul Jarvis. [COURSE]

Daily Dig 027 – Want some more design sketching inspiration and tutorials? Check out The Design Sketchbook. [WEBSITE]

Daily Dig 028 – FXPHD offers some impressive online VFX software instruction + access to all the software on a VPN! [COURSES]

Daily Dig 029 – Watch this mind-blowing VFX breakdown of the short Sundays by PostPanic! [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 030 – Unleash your inner creativity, even if you’re not the ‘creative type’ – Creative Confidence [BOOK]

Daily Dig 031 – Check out the website of fellow friend, designer and rendering expert, Exben Oxholm. [DESIGNER]

Daily Dig 032 – Look at Kodak’s updated Super 8 camera for the digital age, design by Fuseproject. [DESIGN]

Daily Dig 033 – Product Tank is back with a new video! How To Deliver Industrial Design Presentations. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 034 – A great resource targeted at startups. This is how design works! [WEBSITE]

Daily Dig 035 – VFX breakdown of The Martian film by MPC Film. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 036 – My article featured among ‘Top 50 Industrial Design Resources On The Web’! [ARTICLE]

Daily Dig 037 – Listen to Robert Brunner of Ammunition Group talk ‘Design is a Process, Not an Event! [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 038 – One of the most mind-blowing documentaries I’ve seen about the part-bridge part-tunnel megastructure. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 039 – Design and Innovation book recommendations by Smart Design. [READING LIST]

Daily Dig 040 – Creative Director Ash Thorp delivers an inspiring talk at FITC conference. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 041 – Look at the potentially extensive product design process on the IDSA website. [ARTICLE]

Daily Dig 042 – What happens when augmented reality meets indoor bouldering? Awesome climbing games! [ARTICLE + VIDEO]

Daily Dig 043 – Spencer Nugent, A.K.A. Sketchaday produces regular design sketching tutorials. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 044 – Tony Fadell, designer of the iPod & creator of nest, explains how product designers see ‘invisible problems’ [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 045 – If you love 3D and CGI like I do, check out the work of Mike Winkleman A.K.A. Beeple. [DESIGNER]

Daily Dig 046 – Felix Baumgartner did a 24 mile skydive. See Gopro’s official video of the event. Gain Perspective. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 047 – Are you a SolidWorks user? See what’s in store for SolidWorks 2017! [ARTICLE]

Daily Dig 048 – Five lessons from design firm IDEO on Empathy and Retention [ARTICLE]

Daily Dig 049 – Minimalism meets manliness (utility). Beautiful design and product photos by Pensa! [PRODUCT]

Daily Dig 050 – A must-have design reference book for design professionals. [BOOK]

Daily Dig 051 – Learn what hiring managers at top Industrial Design firms look for in a new hire. [BOOK]

Daily Dig 052 – This is NOT the future of sneaker manufacturing, but it sure is cool! [ARTICLE]

Daily Dig 053 – Know the difference between Qualitative Data and Quantitative Data. [RESOURCE]

Daily Dig 054 – Learn how to create beautiful renderings using KeyShot 6 in under 15 minutes! [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 055 – The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can explained by the Engineer Guy. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 056 – Learn how KeyShot’s ‘Change Material Type’ aids in creating technical illustrations. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 057 – See the logic behind a masterfully-designed Concept Design Portfolio website with Feng Zhu. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 058 – How to stay healthy as a freelancer. Learn from my experience. [ARTICLE]

Daily Dig 059 – Need a laugh? I’ve got you here. Watch Canadian rednecks jump over appliances in home-made vehicles. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 060 – See how this old barn was transformed by some well-executed modern design. [ARTICLE]

Daily Dig 061 – Check out the interior of a $57,000 stereo amplifier – The Gryphon Mephisto. [ARTICLE]

Daily Dig 062 – Learn more about what goes on behind the scenes in the concept design industry with FZD Design Cinema [PODCAST]

Daily Dig 063 – Watch the trailer for the ID documentary Objectified. I watched this to death when I was in college. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 064 – The sketches of vehicle and concept designer Daniel Simon always inspire. [WEBSITE]

Daily Dig 065 – Listen to my go-to design playlist. Lots of big, sci-fi soundtracks & instrumentals to get your creative juices going. [PLAYLIST]

Daily Dig 066 – Semplice Labs, a designer’s best kept secret. An awesome website-making platform for designers. [WEBSITE]

Daily Dig 067 – Crank Brothers bicycle components always look sharp and incorporate well-executed industrial design. [WEBSITE]

Daily Dig 068 – Packaging design with a surprise! Clever and clean beverage design. [DESIGN]

Daily Dig 069 – Check out these cool CGI renderings explaining what goes into making a Bugatti Veyron. [WEBSITE]

Daily Dig 070 – Learn how startups have a clean start strategic advantage when it comes to design thinking. [ARTICLE]

Daily Dig 071 – Biodegradable plastic? Could this be the beginning of a major eco-breakthrough? Learn more here. [ARTICLE]

Daily Dig 072 –  Cement furniture that actually looks soft and light! [ARTICLE]

Daily Dig 073 – This chair is made from artichoke and vegetable oil. Watch the video on how it’s made. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 074 – Thomas Funder’s design sketching skill always inspire and impress me. Follow him on Instagram for regular inspiration. [DESIGNER]

Daily Dig 075 – Want to learn how to draw or sketch like a designer? This is your bible. [BOOK]

Daily Dig 076 – Watch this designer melt found items to make cast aluminum furniture. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 077 – Interesting book, printed without ink for Chanel No. 5. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 078 – Could this tiny, magnetic hardware add-on prevent bicycle component theft for good? [DESIGN]

Daily Dig 079 – Uniform Wares makes some of the nicest modern watches today. [DESIGN]

Daily Dig 080 – Check out Apple’s recycling robot, Liam. Disassembling iPhones faster than any human could. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 081 – Timeless design is important. I’d say this Eames Lobby chair nails it. [DESIGN]

Daily Dig 082 – Here’s a succinct infographic highlighting the skills required to be a good industrial designer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Daily Dig 083 – Watch as Reid Schlegel demonstrates how to create a design sketch marker rendering of a bag. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 084 – Here’s some inspirational eye-candy and visual library fodder from my Sci-Fi Pinterest board. [WEBSITE]

Daily Dig 085 – Learn about 3D modeling for industrial designers. There’s a good summary of 3D software at the end. [ARTICLE}

Daily Dig 086 – Here’s what fresh industrial design graduates should be focusing on after school. [ARTICLE]

Daily Dig 087 – Need fresh product ideas to design? Try out this free online product concept generator by Canadian design duo Maake [WEBSITE]

Daily Dig 088 –  Short video showing the construction method for the world’s largest wind turbine. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 089 – Take a peep into the production facilities of electric auto manufacturer Tesla. Beautiful and impressive photos. [ARTICLE]

Daily Dig 090 – Zaha Hadid will be remembered as one of the most influential female architects. View some of her designs here. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 091 – Scott Robertson recaps his 2015 Inktober efforts. Can’t help but be inspired and learn while watching a Scott Robertson video. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 092 – An impressive 56 page report on various aspects of Industrial Design in America. Wish I had this when I was in design school! [REPORT]

Daily Dig 093 –  The Cinder Cone is the ultimate big kids’ tree fort paradise equipped with concrete skate bowl in beautiful Washington. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 094 – Need ideas for fast, cheap or even free product prototyping? This post should get you started. Step-by-step with pictures. [ARTICLE]

Daily Dig 095 – Don’t feel discouraged! This short video will motivate you to create more and highlights what it takes to be a great artist! [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 096 – MODOPEDIA is an enormous library of free MODO training videos… and it’s completely Free! [WEBSITE]

Daily Dig 097 – Daniel Simon’s latest work for Roborace, the future of driverless automotive racing. Technology meets sport and design. [VIDEO]

Daily Dig 098 – More free sketch tutorials by Reid Schlegel. Super-abbreviated and concise, step-by-step photos of design sketching basics. [ARTICLE]

Daily Dig 099 – The Holy Grail of rendering and CGI assets is a website called Episcura. High res. HDRIs, Textures & Backplates – Sign up for free! [WEBSITE]

Daily Dig 100 – My private detailed design process checklist PDF, yours for free for being an awesome human being! [PDF]

Find Designer Will Gibbons at: http://willgibbonsdesign.com/




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