inspirON – Sustainability training hackathon

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Designers, Engineerings, Inventors and Pioneers in New Business…
If you care about Design and Sustainability, but struggle to know where to get started, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you!

By Protolabs on a truly unique format of learning: 20+ talks over 6 weeks (ie enough to learn, but not so much you can’t handle alongside your day job). Each talk is 50% idealism (to inspire you), but tempered with 50% realism (equip you for the real world battles, sceptics, and commercial gauntlet that awaits anyone trying to make change).

With familiar faces from IDEOEllen MacArthur FoundationFuterra and BBC Directors; through to thought leaders from Sophie ThomasSam Conniff and Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino. We bolster your technical knowledge with materials experts like Vannessa Goodship and Chris Lefteri, MA (RCA) and share tactical stories from pioneering disruptors like Yewande Akinola MBE FIETErica Purvis and Sunil Kadri and many more – see comments in this thread, below…

Please share with/for the crazy ones…it’s a remarkable toolkit to create change that is both ideologically and commercially progressive.

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Shared at LinkedIn by Jude Pullen – Programme Curator and Creative Consultant for the InspirON series.


  • “It is our vision that the rebels will unite with industrial giants to forge new business models of ethical desirability and profitability. Just as ‘good design’ has proven itself to be commercially potent, the most progressive companies will not stop at leveraging analytical tools, optimising process to reducing waste, and legislative compliance – but will innovate at a new dimension” said Jude Pullen, an award-winning Creative Technologist who is the Programme Curator and Creative Consultant for the InspirOn series. “This is a unique way to learn – we have incredible speakers who cover the gamut of Sustainable Design, but go beyond just inspiration – the talks dream big, but conclude with practical action that even mid-level and juniors in a company can implement, to make a compelling case to C-Suite and Consumers alike. It’s going to be mind-blowing and truly inspirational in places – but unapologetically pragmatic. It’s about making it happen at all levels.” “Sustainability can no longer be considered an ‘afterthought’ in the Design Process. It has to start at the prototyping-level, and be interwoven with the philosophy and strategy of creating new products and services” he added.”