About this portal

I´m MArcio DUpont CAballero, industrial designer from Brazil – founder and curator of the Design Research Portal, I´m a.k.a maduca (red letters above) and as @maducao, that means “big maduca”.

The Beginning

All started in 2009, when I realized a lack of good resources about industrial – product design only. The web was full of graphic design – web design good resources; but to be honest, it´s was very annoying just to find graphic or web design sites only.

Also big design portals had a mix of graphic-industrial-web design which depending of the web design and interface can be confusing.

I wanted to concentrate just in industrial-product design!

So, I decided to build a design blog in Blogspot, a blog just about industrial and product design in Brazil and Latin America.

The blog called DECE and it was a great mix of english, spanish and portuguese design stuff. 

Still running after 10 years! You can visit at  Sustainable Design Portal

But suddenly, it was a confusing mix of information and languages, I got tired of Blogspot and I thought it would be a good opportunity to change , to work with a differente platform, such as WordPress and open an English only site totally dedicated to industrial-product design and design research.

In a nutshell, I have been working hard and for the last 5 years to deliver the best industrial-product design resources online!

Sponsorship and Design Ads always welcome!

The Design Research Portal (DRP)

Decided to change and work with a differente platform and open an English only site, all started again with this Portal in January of 2013.

Despite all the big players of Design resources online, such as Core77, Designboom, Dexigner, this small site have had a great feedback, mostly of designers thanking this kind of resource!

The goal of this Portal

The goal of this Portal is to have the best industrial design – product design resources online under one roof. We are always looking for more design resources, articles and updating and adding sites asap.


Your contribution and feedback is really important and appreciated, let me know if you have resources, questions, doubts.

You can contribute with:

  1. Your best Design resources to be added here with a link to your work
  2. Your articles about industrial-product design (with your credits)
  3. Showcase your great design work! Or do you want an interview? Or your professional profile here? Let me know!

All contributions will link to your site/portfolio always.


Comments, ideas or If you want your design site / blog to be added FREE for unlimited time, please send me an e-mail with your information and link at e-mail

Follow me:





Always available for design consultancy through LinkedIn.

Feel free to publish my design articles and posts but, please, refer to this site always.

Thanks for visiting!

 You are always welcome and I hope that all the resources here will help you to improve as a design professional.

Best wishes and regards!

Designer Marcio Dupont 

Updated November 2020

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