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Office chairs are a scam

If you want to know more about design and chairs and if a “highly designed chair” is really worthy.

Locklin on science

A younger self employed pal asked me if he should dump $2k on a Herman Miller Aeron recently. The TLDR is “no.” It’s like spending $2k on a pair of sneakers blessed by a devil worshipping blood-drinking pothead. Worse; unlike the $2k devil worshipping blood sneakers (which I suppose will eventually be mandatory for corporate dress codes), it’s become something that everyone unquestionably accepts.

Let’s do a little history here; there was a first office chair, and it existed for a reason. Originally it was because Charles Darwin had a giant room filled with biological specimens and he needed to flit from object to object to invent evolution. So he stuck some wheels on a comfy Victorian chair. I’ve used caster-chairs in laboratories for their intended purpose. They’re great and they exist for a reason. Thank you based Charles Darwin for inventing laboratory caster chair.

Darwin chair; respek

Later, such…

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Accessibility in Game Design

I recently had a chat with Steven Spohn of Ablegamers that will be going up soon on my channel and site. In it, we talked about what accessibility means not only for game designers but for the consumers who are playing games. Discussing the misconceptions and myths about accessibility made me think again about approachability and accessibility, and I wanted to take a chance to revise my thoughts on the topic.

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The useful car of the future

As polluted air, carrying particles of harmful chemicals generated by other vehicles on the road, pass under the Airo and enter the HEPA filter

The future of car travel? Incredible self-driving electric car concept can hoover up the pollution from other vehicles and includes a dining room-style space that can be turned into a double BED – and could go into production by 2023.


Mythology As a Source of Inspiration for Design

The myth, in reality, is of design being an isolated discipline – unaffected by its context and the stories that envelope it.

Mythology is an intriguing aspect of religion and storytelling that allows people to metaphorize, personify and personalize a universal message for their own lives. Design as a discipline affords something similar by use of signifiers, affordances and guides to help the user feel that a product they interact with is relatable to them and caters to their lives, adding value to it.

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inspirON – Sustainability training hackathon

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Designers, Engineerings, Inventors and Pioneers in New Business…
If you care about Design and Sustainability, but struggle to know where to get started, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you!

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Pivot 2021 – Tools for alternative futures

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The Deadline for abstracts for Pivot 2021 has been extended.

You can download the call here:

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