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Inclusive design pioneer August de los Reyes dies of COVID-19 complications

August de los Reyes, a prominent designer who helped develop the modern Xbox interface and became a fierce advocate for inclusivity in design, has died. He had only left the house three times since March of last year—for a doctor’s appointment, for a license renewal, and to vote, according to his husband. He died on December 21. He was 50 years old.

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Biomimicry or Biomimetics? — MCAD Sustainable Design Blog

[This post is modified from Bio-Inspired Buzzwords: Biomimicry and Biomimetics] I don’t think a week goes by without someone asking me about biomimicry. I’m happy to comply, as the principles and practices of biomimicry is so core to sustainable design (and so fun to talk about!). One question that arises often is: “What’s the difference […]

Biomimicry or Biomimetics? — MCAD Sustainable Design Blog

Sustainability Champions

From today I’m posting the best design, innovation, sustainability Instagram’s profile starting with Sustainability Champions which is really inspiring.

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Designing the First Humanitarian Futures Exhibition — Carlos Alvarez

Overview ‘The Future Is Now’ is an exhibition that comprises of multiple artefacts and scenarios that speculated on what humanitarian operations could look like in 2030. The IFRC Solferino Academy and Open Lab at Newcastle University collaborated with an array of design agencies and curators to bring this exhibition to life. This exhibition is the result of extensive horizon […]

Designing the First Humanitarian Futures Exhibition — Carlos Alvarez

Using Design as a force for change

Download the amazing report from the Design Council 2020-2024 and review what they want to achieve by 2024.

Diseño generativo: Inteligencia artificial y diseño

Silla Elbo, diseñada por Arthur Harsuvanakit y Brittany Presten, miembros del Autodesk’s generative design lab en 2016. Fotografía de Autodesk. Tomada de Gallery Autodesk.

Aunque las metodologías de diseño parecen sobrevivir inalteradas a los cambios sociales, las técnicas que las acompañan responden a las necesidades de la sociedad misma. Gilles Deleuze, relevante filósofo francés de mediados del siglo XX, afirmaba que la tecnología utilizada en las sociedades evoluciona «como una profunda mutación del capitalismo». Pero, ¿en qué contexto se encuentra nuestra sociedad actualmente?

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