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Inclusive children´s book for Hispanic Markets – Support us!


Adelia Cook, one of three books of the Adelia Collection – Help little Adelia reach all the kids around the world!

I am launching a project in  Catarse ( brazilian crowdfunding site) about an inclusive children’s book developed with an innovative Braille print created by author and graphic designer Wanda Gomes from Brazil. This Braille print developed by her is unique in the world and brings a whole new experience for children with visual impairment or not; it allows textures, reliefs and even scents to be printed!
 The collection is called Adélia and is already in Portuguese with 9 thousand copies distributed.
The funding is to print 500 copies in Spanish for dissemination in Book Fairs in México, Argentina  and Colombia with the Spanish publishers who have already requested the collection and also the american hispanic market.
 A very important project for the education and inclusion of children with visual impairment.
The project also seeks investors to cover or exceed the total value for a larger print run and distribution.
(Google Translator at the bottom of the site)
Spanish article at:

Blind girl feeling the textures of the book with her face.

Thanks in advance for your support, sharing and network! Help little Adelia to reach all the kids of the world!

More Clay, Less Plastic

Biodegradable plastic alone is not enough, due to scale of things, we need to stop using plastic wherever is possible and return to clay and glass. It´s a great movement, that is going global, fostering clay, potters and handcraft around the world.

This return to Nature must happen in Design with natural materials, industrial sustainable design is not enough, with the present consumption and manufacturing pace.

Consumption is the biggest issue of mankind, in the long term design and engineering might not be able to solve all the issues.

More Clay, Less Plastic


Suppressed Inventions


A good mix of X-files with Industrial Design and you have

Suppressed Inventions” – The dark side of Design


RAMS: The First Feature Documentary About Dieter Rams

Designers, wake up and let´s support this great, amazing design film.

The Film 

Hello, friends, Gary Hustwit here. I’m the director of the documentaries Helvetica,Objectified, and Urbanized. I’ve had the pleasure of having conversations with some of the most creative designers in the world for these films.

In 2008, I had the honor of interviewing Dieter Rams for my documentary Objectified, but I was only able to share a small piece of his story.

Dieter, who is now 84, is a very private person; however, I have been granted unprecedented and exclusive access to Dieter for the first feature-length documentary about his life and work.

The documentary is simply titled Rams.

Dieter Rams at work at Braun, circa 1970s. Photo by Abisag Tüllmann
Dieter Rams at work at Braun, circa 1970s. Photo by Abisag Tüllmann

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TOP 26 Women Designers


Always happy to share this kind of Design resource!

We need more women in Design and Engineering!

Do you know outstanding women in Design?

Let me know to add the site at the page below and to be featured here with an exclusive post!

Also visit my page here: “Women in Design” 


DBA Design Effectiveness Awards


All design disciplines: Branding, Digital, Exhibitions, Graphic, Interior, Packaging, Product, Service / Wayfinding, Internal

The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards are the industry standard for assessing and rewarding effective design. Winning one of these awards demonstrates design – your design – delivers competitive advantage.  

Jointly entered by both the agency and the business commissioning the design, a win in these awards proves the value of investment in your design. 

Here are 5 reasons you should make entering top of your agenda today.
1. Design delivers competitive advantage. A Design Effectiveness Award win is highly persuasive in demonstrating to clients the value you can add to their business.
2. Prove the strength of your collaborations. Reinforce your relationships by evidencing how impactful your clients’ design investments have been.
3. Independent acknowledgement. Rigorously judged by business leaders, a win proves your credentials for delivering commercially effective work.
4. Stand out from the crowd. In an increasingly competitive market, a win will give you a compelling and impactful point of differentiation from your competitors.  
5. Design is an investment, not a cost. Enable your clients to make the case for design within their own business; a win will equip you both with an authoritative argument why design is an investment, not a cost.

You’ve got 8 weeks until the final entry deadline on 1 July. Don’t delay, download an entry pack and start the conversations with your teams today.