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Try Marketing + Design Thinking

The Designer Who Thinks

When it comes to creating products, experiences, or solutions, marketing can help provide qualitative data. In addition, it is about great storytelling and building awareness for a specific demographic using a set of activities or strategies. However, marketing doesn’t tell researchers what specifically the problem is or how to solve it. Consumer research is limited in its scope because people have a hard time expressing their desires through surveys or focus groups. That’s where design thinking comes into the picture.

The intensity of the design thinking process allows researchers to empathize with the intended audience and immerse themselves in the needs and wants of the end user. The insights gained from these exercises can be of immense value as you begin to understand what problem is and how to solve for it. Design thinking allows you to dig deep for “unarticulated needs” by asking why multiple times while constantly re-framing…

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SMASH – File Transfer for Designers

The best and bigger design repository on Earth. (Ok, we want to be, we are working hard! Help us sharing the Portal, thanks!)

Smash: the file transfer service (with no size limit) for designers & creative minds.
What are the differences between Smash and Wetransfer ?
– No ads (never) but creative inspirations
– No size limit
– Preview files before downloading
– Customization of the link
You can test Smash at the following address: fromsmash.com

Random Oblique Strategies

Oblique Strategies, originally presented as a pack of cards, were by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt. Each Oblique Strategy is a phrase or cryptic remark which can be used to break a creative deadlock or dilemma situation.

This website presents a random Oblique Strategy selected from editions 1–5.


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