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Innovating with People – Inclusive Design

Inclusive Design on Innovation for All from Design og arkitektur Norge on Vimeo.

Visit: http://www.innovatingwithpeople.net/innovating-with-people-en/

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Workshop Design Canvas


Build on years of workshop planning and facilitation experience.

Dramatic arc

Reminds you to maintain a dramatic arc, and not get lost in the details of the workshop steps.

Before and After thoughts

Workshops begin way before the participants show up, and hopefully have an impact way after the venue is cleaned up and empty.

Workshop Governance

Having dedicated responsibilities makes running complex workshops easier


Created by Service Designers for Service Designers

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Try Marketing + Design Thinking

The Designer Who Thinks

When it comes to creating products, experiences, or solutions, marketing can help provide qualitative data. In addition, it is about great storytelling and building awareness for a specific demographic using a set of activities or strategies. However, marketing doesn’t tell researchers what specifically the problem is or how to solve it. Consumer research is limited in its scope because people have a hard time expressing their desires through surveys or focus groups. That’s where design thinking comes into the picture.

The intensity of the design thinking process allows researchers to empathize with the intended audience and immerse themselves in the needs and wants of the end user. The insights gained from these exercises can be of immense value as you begin to understand what problem is and how to solve for it. Design thinking allows you to dig deep for “unarticulated needs” by asking why multiple times while constantly re-framing…

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The World’s First Co-learning space is Amazing and it´ll be in Brazil!

A brazilian place for Education, Design, Innovation and Technology.

How I feel when I see the Colearning Space project

I had the privilege of growing up in a Culture of Learning.

It took moments of isolation, deep abstractions and focus for me to develop the autonomy and the freedom to experiment, create and imagine how things could be different.

This has become the best part of me. And throughout the years I’ve learned that I connect with people by ideas.

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The Intersection of Design + Marketing

HOW Design Live has released a new white paper, ‘The Intersection of Design and Marketing,’ which offers advice and tips from some of the top creative minds in design, branding and marketing.

“The HOW Design Live 2018 white paper is a must read for any designer or marketer,” said Amy Conover, content manager for HOW events.

“We’ve complied some truly valuable insights from numerous speakers who will present at the upcoming HOW Design Live in Boston – all related to the theme of ‘The Intersection of Design and Marketing.’

In addition, the white paper is co-presented by Printing Industries of America, the largest graphic arts trade association, and the Association for Print Technologies, which is dedicated to supporting the entire commercial printing value chain, from print to digital. Of course, both organizations are also at the center of design and marketing, as well as featured in the white paper.”

Originally published at: https://www.dexigner.com/news/30892

How to encourage diversity in the design industry from CB

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Illustrations by Guillaume Kashima


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