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Social Design Resources

The sections here are:

1) Helsinki Design Lab — Archival Site — 1 item, a repository
2) Current Active Centers, Projects, and Organizations — 20 items, various
3) IDEO and IDEO spinoffs — 5 items, various, including several repositories
4) Systemic Design — 5 items, various, including several repositories
5) Open Access Books — 9 items, downloadable books
6) DesignMatters Library — some Open Access items — 1 item, a repository
7) Open Access Articles — 30 items, all downloadable open access articles

Shared by Ken Friedman (Chair Professor of Design Innovation Studies | College of Design and Innovation | Tongji University | Shanghai, China

1) Helsinki Design Lab — Archival site

1.1 Helsinki Design Lab is now closed, but the site documents five years of outstanding work. The other sites represent active projects.

http://helsinkidesignlab.org <http://helsinkidesignlab.org/>

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10 Design Free books


Books in spanish and english.

It´s a great design network for Latin American Designers, both spanish and portuguese speakers.


Design Research and Industry Impacts

VISIT: https://www.designresearchsociety.org/articles/reflection-on-keynote-debate-1-design-research-and-industry-impacts?fbclid=IwAR33W7JF-nqo0Hcd3hdXHaGa32441T4IkfNBPfHCftPLgjAaHVDpEABgDPc

The 9 big design trends of 2019

Everyone is overworked and unhappy. Digital platforms have sucked the last of our attention and sanity. If you read the headlines in 2018, you’d have every reason to feel pessimistic about the future.

But the design experts we talked to–from companies such as Microsoft, Google, Ideo, and Forrester–offer a glimmer of hope. As they look forward to 2019, they agree on one thing: The cold, corporate thinking that has defined the business world over the past several years doesn’t jive with how people want to live. In 2019, people will be more than mere data points; it’s a designer’s job to make sure of it. Here are nine key design predictions for 2019.