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Social Design Resources

The sections here are:

1) Helsinki Design Lab — Archival Site — 1 item, a repository
2) Current Active Centers, Projects, and Organizations — 20 items, various
3) IDEO and IDEO spinoffs — 5 items, various, including several repositories
4) Systemic Design — 5 items, various, including several repositories
5) Open Access Books — 9 items, downloadable books
6) DesignMatters Library — some Open Access items — 1 item, a repository
7) Open Access Articles — 30 items, all downloadable open access articles

Shared by Ken Friedman (Chair Professor of Design Innovation Studies | College of Design and Innovation | Tongji University | Shanghai, China

1) Helsinki Design Lab — Archival site

1.1 Helsinki Design Lab is now closed, but the site documents five years of outstanding work. The other sites represent active projects.

http://helsinkidesignlab.org <http://helsinkidesignlab.org/>

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10 Design Free books


Books in spanish and english.

It´s a great design network for Latin American Designers, both spanish and portuguese speakers.


Design at Monocle


Issue 120

Monocle is a great design resouce, always great and clever reviews from all parts of the world. Highly recommended!

Visit Monocle Design

Special Program about Design

Nordic Design Resource

Welcome to the Nordic Design Resource

These are the results of the first ever comprehensive study of the Nordic design resource.
The study reveals that there are far more design professionals in the Nordic countries than previously detected. Furthermore, the study offers new insights into how designers operate in a Nordic context. These insights are crucial in order to provide a more solid understanding of the design field in the Nordics.

The study is based on an innovative methodological approach combining both classical and new sources of data.

VISIT: http://nordicdesignresource.com/

Semiotics and Design

Semiotics Links from Umberto Eco´s site.

The International Center for Semiotic Sciences Umberto Eco (University of Urbino) organizes a series of colloquia, seminars and lectures on semiotic theory and practices.
One of them is co-organized by PROJEKT Lab (University of Nimes), the title is: When is Design .


Visit PROJEKT Lab Resources – Design / French / English

View the Program of “When is Design” at Google Drive

Design Calls from the Design Research Society

31 October – 1 November 2018 – Whats Going On? A Discourse on Fashion,
Design & Sustainability


Centre for Sustainable Fashion is proud to announce it will be hosting
the 6th edition of the Global Fashion Conference, taking place at
University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion on the 31st
October and 1st November 2018, with the aim of stimulating the
international debate around fashion, design and sustainability through
the lens of design thinking and practice, and coinciding with the
celebration of CSFs 10th anniversary.

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Design practice research lab from Korea

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, The Design Practice Research lab (dpr.lab) at the School of Design & Human EngineeringUNIST explores the human ability to design (fundamental), employs design as means to examine relationships between products and people and applies design knowledge in the design of more appropriate product experiences.