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A Guide to the SCAMPER Technique for Creative Thinking

Creative thinking and problem-solving are essential parts of the design process to turn ideas into innovation and break the barriers against creativity. One of the successful methods used in creative thinking is the SCAMPER technique. While there are different creative thinking and problem-solving techniques such as reversed brainstorming, Hurson’s thinking model, the six hats of critical thinking and Lego Serious Play, SCAMPER is considered one of the easiest and most direct methods. The SCAMPER technique is based very simply on the idea that what is new is actually a modification of existing old things around us.

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DesignCap – Make Graphic Design Much Easier

The best and bigger design repository on Earth. (Ok, we want to be, we are working hard! Help us sharing the Portal, thanks!)

DesignCap is a handy graphic designer that helps users make striking graphic designs in minutes, no advanced graphic skills needed.

Try it out:https://www.designcap.com.

Some of its key features:

  1. Countless templates for posters, social media, infographics, etc.

  2. A large library of stock photos & illustrations.

  3. Fully customizable features.

  4. Save it to desktop and cloud or share to social media.

  5. Localized into 7 languages: English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Chinese.

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