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What if our ‘modern’ beingness has been formed as a result of engineered knowledge?

By Jinan K B at https://plus.google.com/+JinanKB

“My research has been on how accessing of knowledge alienated modern
humans from their own ‘biology’. Our distancing ourselves from the
PROCESS of making sense of the world has resulted in creating lifeless

The whole process of modern education is nothing but an
engineered product. All other living beings are learning and directly
accessing ‘knowledge’ to be in the world, to be part of life.

The human child no longer roots itself to the life process since
through education and instruction the child is taken into the realm of
language. The mind of the child is not developed due to them using
their senses and experiencing the world around directly but by direct
input of language. The most crucial aspect is the formation of mind as
this forms our total ethical beingness. The anthropocentrism prevalent
in modernity is due to their disconnection from their own biology,
disconnection from the processes of life.

The subtlety of being in the world in which knowledge, time, feeling
of abundance, existential freedom, trust, reason and even the
awareness of gender etc have been implicit is now come out in the open
and totally appropriated for the alienated modern man. (Human beings
have become human knowings!)

My wife is illiterate and does not know her age. Earlier I used to
feel superior and make fun of this. Now, as I am nearing 60 I have
understood what it means to live, bounded by time. My wife is living
in timelessness as she is not at all preoccupied with the
psychological idea of time. her experience of time is very different
from the ‘educated’.

Yes, the people who do not know their age live in timelessness.
Another thing I have noticed her being present in the now almost all
the time whereas I am often absent (Physically present, mentally

I have noticed this in cooking also. Various ingredients are put in by
‘accurate’ guesswork. It is the body/ senses/mind together that are
involved in ‘calculation’. (Traditional crafts are also practiced in
this manner). This may be the reason why children play several
guesswork games in their own time.

Literacy and Numerical quantification have impacted the modern
consciousness in a deep but subtle manner. Intangible, implicit has
become tangible and explicit, subtle has become gross and ‘quality’
had become ‘quantity and even experience has become mental faking.

I recently gave a talk called REDISCOVERING PROCESS- the forgotten
biological aspect that roots us to the world.

We have to examine how is our mind formed and what is it capable of
doing. when from childhood we are being fed with secondhand
information through language naturally the brain will be formed to
analyze this information. The eye, ear, memory etc will be developed
to deal with codified, decontextualized content.
But the brain is meant for CREATING knowledge directly from the input
given by senses/ experience and not its description. Then the brain
will be formed for the purpose it is originally meant for.

It is interesting to look at various experiments that are being
conducted thought out the world to ‘repair’ modern schooling. Anji
play in China, Phenomenon based schools in Finland, Reggio Emilia in
Italy, the ones using the Montessori method, the Steiner inspired and
the regular run of the mill schools all over the world all start from
the conviction that children need to be taught. We, adults, have the
content and we are only looking out for the best method.

Even Humberto Maturana who talks about Autopoiesis recommends the
Montessori method. Method means first the mind then the body! product
precedes process!
Then, where is the question of autonomy, autopoiesis?

Hope one day we will begin to re-examine our ‘success stories’.”

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