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Professional code of conduct for designers

The International Council of Design has just released the latest and greatly enhanced version of their professional code of conduct for #designers.

Are you a designer? read, abide by, keep it always in mind.

Are you a c-suite executive, hr #manager, #entrepreneur, somehow connected to or hiring design services?

Get to know it too, and understand what standards should be expected and required from committed design professionals.

According to @theicod the code of conduct is an “aspirational document” that should serve as a standard and reference not only to practitioners, but also to professional associations and educational institutions.

Moreover, it “firmly positions design as a profession, focusing on #ethical issues and the overarching responsibility of designers to humanity.”

⏩⏩Download the pdf document here: https://bit.ly/ICoCPC

>>Visit my new page “Ethical Design” with more resources.

Design Business and Ethics

From Aiga

Ethical Design Manifesto

Design is a tool for education and awareness about ourselves and the world. Therefore, it breaks old paradigms and re-build new lifestyles.

Therefore a sustainable design and ethic design is the pilar of a new civilization in the years to come.

Next time in your project, just think: “How I´m breaking old paradigms or educating someone else with my design?”  ALWAYS DESIGN WITH LOVE AND COMPASSION.

Visit: https://ind.ie/ethical-design/

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