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Online project for sign language or Libras professionals

If you are a sign language professional or know someone that would like to participate and earn an extra cash – join this online job for sign language from your country at the Appen platform.

The project is available for a limited time only.

To access:

1) Register with this link at APPEN

2) When entering, look in the upper tab “All projects”.

If not all projects appear, see “Show projects” and choose “All projects” and choose GO on the right side.

3) At the projects list search for the “MEISS” project and choose the green button on the right + qualify, follow the instructions and wait to be called.

4) To be paid you need Payoneer – register through this link and still earn U$ 25 in Payoneer.


Do you know that you have different signal language?

UX UI Design tests online – Earn an extra income working from home

There are a lot of opportunities online to extra cash daily and at the end of the month you can have something between U$ 100 – U$ 300.

However if you are a designer and if you want to work online, better be something related to design, right?

There are several “online jobs” regarding user experience tests, site tests, web design, bugs and apps.

Besides if you are already a digital designer UX – UI or want to learn more it is an interesting experience as a design tester you are at backstage, testing and learning also.

This sites are generally easy to enroll, in order to have a initial test, you must study guidelines and wait the test. In other sites you have to download a software to record screen and audio to perform testing.

The pay rate is good between U$ 10 – 20 for test, however at the beginning tests are not happening often, that’s a negative point.

Visit the best sites below:




Testing Time

If you are in North America, I highly recommend “Rat Race Rebellion”.

New opportunities worldwide.