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Designers as political changemakers — Service Innovation & Design

What are the commonly stated wicked problems and what can we do about them? A common denominator for the so-called wicked problems is that they all have complex connections to multiple sectors of human societies and they cannot be solved easily, if at all. Wicked problem can also be a problem whose complexity means that […]

Designers as political changemakers — Service Innovation & Design

‘Design / Ecology / Politics: Toward the Ecocene’ – book launch


The ‘Design / Ecology / Politics: Towards the Ecocene’ book launch will be held Friday, February 9th at 7 pm – 9 pm) on Regent Street, London. The book examines the politics of design and obstacles to the design of sustainable ways of living. At the launch, I will speak briefly of three main themes in the book and then host a panel with Professor Lindsay Bremner (@lindsay_bremner), Dr. Jon Goodburn (@jongoodbun), Professor Sharon Prendeville (@sharmarval) and other panel members to be confirmed.

Book launch tickets: https://t.co/XPzo6bPGyr
Book website https://ecocene.wordpress.com/
Bloomsbury Academic page: https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/design-ecology-politics-9781472588609/
Buy the book: https://ecocene.wordpress.com/buy-the-book

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