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Impressions: Women in Printing

Impressions: Essays on the Art of Printing A New Series from The Legacy Press and a Call for Essays Impressions encompasses all the printing arts: relief, intaglio, lithographic, and serigraphic, as well as related arts, such as stamping, stenciling, and pochoir.
Please send queries and writing samples by early June to series editor Rebecca Chung (chung.rm@gmail.com). Length and illustrations should be appropriate to the topic.
Impressions, Vol. 1 For its inaugural volume, Impressions invites submissions on the topic of women printers and printmakers, as well as the role of gender in the printing arts.
All forms of printing and printmaking will be considered, as well as approaches to the topic from diverse areas of expertise: book arts, practical printing, bibliography, and historical (art history, book history, printing history, literary history).
While centering attention on the category of women, the volume also welcomes essays that include inclusive thinking about gender identity and sexual orientation in relation to the printing arts.
Recent work in literary and art history suggests that women were active in the growth of printing and publishing in Europe and the Americas, although their activity is only beginning to be documented through research.
Simultaneously, book and printing historians are exploring the revisions of print and printmaking history needed as worldwide contributions challenge the Gutenberg-centered narrative that have dominated Anglo-European origin stories until quite recently. Submissions should argue for the significance of the topic to change or enrich understanding the contributions of women to the growth of the printing arts, and also address the question of how gender impacts current understandings of print and printmaking.
Possible topics include, but are not limited to: 
  • Shops, organizations, trade and industrial practice
  • Creating printed matter or illustration
  • Women artists
  • Beatrice Warde and other women writers or innovators on the printing arts
  • Manufacture of prints, editions, tools, and supplies
  • Gender and printers or printmakers worldwide
  • Gender trouble, intersectionality, and the printing arts
Impressions is particularly interested in studies that make rich use of images either as part of studying a printmaking process and/or as examples from archives and collections.
And as is true of the other The Legacy Press’s essay series (http://www.thelegacypress.com/essay-series.html), Impressions welcomes both published scholars and new authors, and both established areas of inquiry and topics not previously addressed in other publications. If you have an essay in preparation or if you would like more information about Impressions, please email Rebecca: chung.rm@gmail.com
Cathleen A. Baker, Proprietor The Legacy Press April 2018 http://www.thelegacypress.com


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