April 17 – Join the webinar “Health Innovation – Why it is matter” from Polar Green


April 17 - Join the webinar

April 17 – Join the webinar “Health Innovation – Why it is matter” with global top experts from @polargreen


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List of links about Biomimicry from Germinature

List of links about BiomimicryHappy to find this great List of links about Biomimicry. All sustainable – eco – green – holistic – environmental designer must take a look.

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UK Funding Available for Learning Technology Design Studies

Learning technologies – design for impact

The Technology Strategy Board, the Knowledge Transfer Network, and the Education Foundation will be running as series of UK events to promote an upcoming £1.1m funding competition called Learning Technologies: Design for Impact which will highlight the challenges and opportunities specific to the design, adoption and implementation of digital technologies in the education sector used for learning and teaching.
These events will signpost companies to explore how co-design will engage educators and learners at a deeper level and will stimulate discussion among educators, designers, digital companies and education professionals.
Attendees will meet like minded professionals from a range of backgrounds, including education, design, technology and digital, debate the challenges and opportunities associated with implementing innovative learning technologies, and connect with potential collaborators who seek professional expertise during this process covering a range of disciplines, from service or business design through to best teaching and learning practice.


For more information on the funding competition please visit: http://bit.ly/PpzVZU
Register below for a place to attend your nearest event today.
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Design and Science

When we talk about design and science, usually it is all about biomimetics, ergonomics, new materials, but Design and Science is much more than that.

Design and Science is a brilliant site that brings to the table many new elements, a fundamental resource if you are a designer, engineering, scientist. Highly recommended for all your professional life!



Related articles about Design and Science

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Design Thinking (DT) is not Design

Design Thinking is not Design! (Article for Foro Alfa – Spanish / Portuguese Design portal) – I will translate to english asap. Stay tuned!



Después de todo este frenesí de DT, que vendrá en seguida?

Join the Sustainability Surprise Party – Accelerating the transition to a life-sustaining society

          Join the party!      Add your sustainable event!

About the Sustainability Surprise Party

Sustainability Surprise Party is a series of events created by independent / autonomous groups, organisations and people with a view towards promoting sustainability. The Transition Leader Network is simply a community of practice for people championing whole system change, or whole system transformation. Our aim is that in your locality - and right across the world - we will actually become an ecologically sustainable, socially healthy and thriving society.

We invite your creative participation

We aim to have the ideas of whole system change and the Great Transition appear ‘everywhere’, so that people become aware of it from many sources. Our deeper goal is to establish a new way of operating on our planet, one where our society progresses beyond the current ‘growth for growths sake’ approach, which is non sustainable on a finite planet, to a life-sustaining society as the accepted goal of our times.

Success requires that a critical mass of mainstream society develops a rough idea of what is involved in actually transitioning to a sustainable society, and becomes committed to contributing to this within their sphere of influence. You can assert leadership in various ways.

Add your event to the Sustainability Surprise Party

Events of all kinds, along with blog posts and articles, are the yeast that will make the Sustainability Surprise Party rise and seed the idea of transformative change widely into the culture!

Try going direct to “Post Your Event” on the Events-Calendar page.

What counts as an event?

We think of ‘events’ very broadly. Anything that promotes the concept of whole system change and the Great Transition counts as an event.

An ‘event’ may be a presentation or workshop such as a permaculture training that you would be doing in May anyway, but positioned as a contribution to the Great Transition to a life-sustaining society (i.e. to the great wave of constructive change that is now happening).

Such workshops could briefly present the idea of whole system change and the Great Transition; encourage people to be active leaders in catalysing the shift in consciousness necessary for the Great Transition to succeed; and refer them to the Transition Leader Network website for information and support tools.



100 + years of design manifestos from Social Design Notes

From one of the best and famous “secret” design site, 100 years of design manifestos.

Is there any other site with such a list? I don´t think so.

From the site:

“Since the days of radical printer-pamphleteers, design and designers have a long history of fighting for what’s right and working to transform society. The rise of the literary form of the manifesto also parallels the rise of modernity and the spread of letterpress printing.”

Click the manifestos at 

Design Entrepreneurship for small business


As a designer and entrepreneur, expert at sustainable, social and healthcare design, I can say that a lot is happening around the world about entrepreneurship and startups, but, people don´t realize very often that behind the next “big thing” product-service-apps there is always good design.

Design from web to graphic – industrial – Interface  is the base of the innovation worldwide. Think about it.

So, I´m always happy to see stuff like in LINE/SHAPE/SPACE where they focus on entrepreneurship from design point of view.

Do you need a business model, plan? Yes!

But without a product-service developed by a designer, you are selling nothing.

As a design advocate, my personal-professional journey is to make people,business realize the power of design, especially here in Brazil, where design is still very undervaluated most of the times.



Design Thinking – Design Research – Graphic Design for beginners

The  site of the colleagues  Prof. Pattie Belle Hastings  and Prof. Courtney Phillips is a very interesting resource for first year design students displaying basic information regarding the foundations of the graphic design industry, and emphasizing the design thinking process.


  1. What is Graphic Design?
  2. Design Thinking
  3. Making Meaning
  4. Typography - Grid Systems
  5. Design Process and Information Technology
  6. Protoyping



Firefly – A Real healthcare innovation through Design

We are living in a Steve Jobs”ized” perception of innovation and that´s means that innovation must be always expensive, from highly specialized experts and totally high-tech as Apple does.

Ok, it´s work for Apple, but that doesn´t mean that has to work to every designer and engineer in the planet.

As a great example of what innovation can be too, we have this product below as an insight of a mother of a child with disability.

No high-tech at all, it is not expensive, or highly specialized, and when you thing “It´s awesome, how I did´nt think about it before?”, well, that´s an unpretentious innovation from a mom, but a real need/problem in the healthcare field!

Needless to say that as a healthcare designer myself, the healthcare area is one of the most challenging field to work and innovate!



Upsee harness: Mother’s invention to give disabled son chance to walk will help countless other families following worldwide launch

 Debby Elnatan’s idea could change lives of thousands of wheelchair-using children around the world.

A revolutionary new harness designed by a mother to give her wheelchair-bound son a chance to walk has been launched on a worldwide market.

Debby Elnatan, a music therapist whose son Rotem has cerebral palsy, said the idea for a support harness came from her own “pain and desperation”, but will go on to make lives easier for countless families across the world struggling with disability.

It was designed to enable Rotem to stand upright and, by attaching it to herself, Ms Elnatan and her son could take steps together.

Now, a company in Northern Ireland has taken Ms Elnatan’s invention and prepared it for an international launch.

The manufacturer, Leckey, has a track record of producing equipment for children with special needs, and after successful trials in the UK and North America the Firefly Upsee has been rolled out worldwide.

“It is wonderful to see this product available to families across the world,” said Ms Elnatan, who was at the official unveiling at the Leckey factory in Lisburn.

“When my son was two years old, I was told by medical professionals that ‘he didn’t know what his legs are and has no consciousness of them’.

Charlotte Taylor, three, using a Firefly Upsee, a new standing and walking harness for children with motor impairment (PA)

Charlotte Taylor, three, using a Firefly Upsee, a new standing and walking harness for children with motor impairment (PA)“That was an incredibly difficult thing for a mother to hear. I started to walk him day after day, which was a very strenuous task for both of us. Out of my pain and desperation came the idea for the Upsee and I’m delighted to see it come to fruition.”

The Upsee allows infants and small children to stand and achieve repetitive walking training with the support of an adult.

It includes a harness for the child, which attaches to a belt worn by an adult, and specially-engineered sandals that allow the parent and child to step simultaneously, leaving their hands free for play and other tasks.

Designers, engineers, textile experts and therapists from Leckey’s Firefly team have been working on the project since 2012.

Maura McCrystal, mother of five-year-old Jack from Draperstown in Northern Ireland, has been one of the first UK parents to use the product.

(Left - right) Claire and Daniel Smyth, Louise and Bethany Watson and Cameron and Charlotte Taylor using a Firefly Upsee (PA)

(Left – right) Claire and Daniel Smyth, Louise and Bethany Watson and Cameron and Charlotte Taylor using a Firefly Upsee (PA)“Last Sunday was a significant one for us as a family as it was the first time our son Jack was able to play football in the back garden with his dad, his brothers and our little dog Milly,” she said.

“To see Jack playing like any other five-year-old boy made me very emotional. Jack and his brothers so enjoyed it.”

Firefly’s clinical research manager and occupational therapist, Clare Canale, said the product could help families across the world.

“Short-term, the Upsee improves special needs family participation and quality of life, while research suggests it has the potential to help with physical and emotional development in the longer term,” she said.

“It has been humbling to see the progress and happiness the Upsee is creating; watching children to do simple things for the first time such as kicking a ball or playing with a sibling is wonderful for everyone involved, but especially the families.”

For more information, visit the Firefly website.